It was our first day and my first day in the School of Teacher Education. I really don’t know how to feel, Of course, I am happy, I got the course I want BUT I don’t feel like being happy today. I dreamt of going to school excited many times this sembreak. srsly people -.-

So here it goes, I had my first class Educ101, good thing my classmate when I was in HS was my classmate in that particular subject. But when I went to my second class booooooom! I can truly say that it is really DIFFERENT :3 How could I break the silence :3 Oh srsly. It is such an agony, sitting on the chair knowing no one, talking to nobody. THIS IS SO NOT BREZLIN.

What makes me sad more? I went to see my classmates before, I visited in their room, supposedly I should be going to see one or two person but then I was surprised when almost all of them are in the room. I mean, my classmates before. And all of them are shouting “HELLO BREZ!!” Ohhhhh, I can feel that they missed me, but I missed them more. Like, I feel like crying kaso kailangan pigilan, ang babaw noh? But the feeling was so different. I FEEL SO …. Idk? I can’t explain. How I wish I can cope up easily :/


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